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The highest quality is our priority

We value high quality and care about the durability and attractiveness of our products.
We offer a free warranty on the Atomia furniture.

15-year warranty for Atomia modular furniture: doors, cabinets, shelves, drawers, sliding door frames, sliding door panels, masking panels. 3 years for: rods, trouser hanger hangers, baskets, shoe shelves, legs, handles, curtain, push-pull system, soft close system, soft opening system.

What the guarantee covers

The guarantee is valid on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Products guarantee covers defects and damage to the product, which are not the fault of the customer. A condition of the guarantee is that the product is used as intended. Please read the installation instructions and service and maintenance conditions before purchase.

When the warranty is excluded

Product warranty does not cover defects or damage resulting from normal wear and tear, damage resulting from improper use, assembly or assembly, or negligence, accident, misuse or modification of the product.

Product warranties do not in any case cover additional costs (transport, handling, assembly and disassembly, labour, etc.) or direct or indirect losses, unless otherwise specified in the applicable legislation.

Warranty period

The guarantee for the purchased products is valid from the date of issue of the goods. In order to benefit from the terms of the guarantee, it will be necessary to present the proof of purchase.

Notwithstanding the rights granted under the guarantee, you have the right to exercise your rights under the warranty.

Do you have any questions?

Our hotline consultants are waiting to hear from you.

(+48) 690 680 690